About Us

Education is derived from a Latin word that means to‘ bring out.’ Our philosophy on Education is very simple-‘to draw out of the child the gift of intelligence’- by creating an atmosphere where inquiry and interest can be stimulated by instilling confidence in a child to believe in himself or herself. Developing intellectual curiosity, awareness and harmony, enhancing creative and critical intelligence and thinking and helping children to be valued citizens of tomorrow’s world - the motivation that guides AIM Schools. The program shall make adequate provision for the general educational needs of its students.

The school brings out the all round development of the student by promoting, personality development , academics uses Information Technology as one way of enhancing its mission to teach the skills, knowledge and behaviour students will need as responsible citizens in the global connected community.

The program of instructional offerings of school will include
• Instruction in the basic tools of learning (reading, writing, number skills, and use of a library)
• Instruction in all areas of skill and knowledge which form the basis for the higher studies
• Instruction in the techniques of study and of learning and in the effective planning of time for work and play
• Instruction in music and art
• Instruction in the basic principles of ethics (e.g. honesty, duty, tolerance, righteousness & truthfulness)
• Instruction to foster a respect for law and order, the values of traditions, religions and governmental institutions
• Instruction in environmental education
This is the place to learn, a place where all can grow and flower, where the mind can expand, where excellence is imbibed as a matter of everyday routine. Where children enjoy an experience that will mould them to be better and more capable human beings. The education program is fun, inventive, creative and entertaining for the children. AIM means goal, having a goal in life is necessary to be successful and our AIM is to make every child a good human being and a valued citizen of tomorrow world.


The sole aim of the trust is to impart quality education to the citizens of tomorrow i.e. our children with sole motive of instilling confidence to believe themselves.

We believe in education along with modern technology to keep pace with the fast changing face of our world. Learning, Growing, Excelling along with Innovation are the pillars of our strengths. They believe in imparting good quality academics along with values.